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Live M25 Dartford Crossing traffic updates as QE2 Bridge closed due to ‘police incident’

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The Dartford Crossing has had one tunnel closed going anticlockwise from Kent, due to an incident on the QE2 Bridge.

A tunnel was shut to allow for traffic flowing from Essex into Kent to travel southbound via one of the two tunnels.

It was reopened just before 4pm, with the bridge reopening, allowing anticlockwise to now utilise both tunnels again

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The closure caused a bottleneck on the M25 anticlockwise, forcing traffic into half the lanes usually used by traffic heading from Kent to Essex via the tunnels.

Police are yet to confirm the nature of the incident.

We will bring you live updates as we get them.

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Harry Higginson

Estimated 40 minute delays

Travel time is estimated at 40 minutes

Despite traffic now being cleared to use both tunnels, congestion remains.

The estimated travel time between Junction 3 and the Dartford Crossing is around 40 minutes, according to Google Maps.

Harry Higginson

Tunnels reopened but heavy delays still remain

Heavy delays remain in the approach to the Dartford Crossing

Traffic has been released into both tunnels anticlockwise as the QE2 bridge is now open for clockwise traffic once more.

However, delays remain beyond Junction 3 with the M20 at Swanley.

North of the river, there are delays past Junction 29 heading clockwise towards the bridge.

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