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Battersea seeks help to find one of Kent’s unluckiest dogs a new home

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Battersea is appealing for help to find one of Kent’s unluckiest dogs a new home.

Bruce, a Bull Mastiff, has waited more than 170 days in kennels for his new owners – but they’re yet to arrive.

The sweet boy was abandoned as a puppy and has been struggling to secure a home due to his ‘puppy-like nature and impressive size’.

One-year-old Bruce has become the longest staying resident at Battersea Cats and Dogs Home Brands Hatch, in Kent, with a stay five times longer than the average dog.

A spokesperson for Battersea Brands Hatch told TeamDogs: “Judging from how excitable and nervous he can be in new situations, it’s clear to see that he hasn’t been shown how to enjoy being a part of a family unit and needs someone to show him a little love.

“Bruce is a big baby and thinks that he’s a small puppy which can be difficult for owners to handle."

However, the rescue centre are hopeful Bruce will be able to find a new home, especially after a public appeal.

The spokesperson added: “His best friend will need to be patient and continue all of the good training that he’s learnt so far to help Bruce navigate new situations which he can find overwhelming.

“Most importantly, Bruce’s future best friend will need to show him the love that he truly deserves.”

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The rescue charity believes that with sympathetic and patient owners on his side he’ll be able to grow to his full potential and become a ‘good, polite boy’.

Bruce is best suited to living in a quiet location with no other dogs or cats in the house.

As he’s a ‘big ball of energy’, he will need his own garden to play with his favourite rope toy in at his leisure.

Those interested in rehoming Bruce can call the Brands Hatch team on 01474 875102 or email bbh.rehomers@battersea.org.uk.

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