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Pictures show Kent under water after torrential downpours

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Dramatic pictures show Kent submerged after torrential downpours cause flash floods

Roads, cars and even homes were left under water after heavy rainfall

Flooding in Faversham

This summer has been somewhat of a washout after endless downpours battered the county.

The scorching heatwave of early July is a distinct memory, replaced instead with heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Parts of Kent have suffered flash flooding thanks to the deluge yesterday (August 1), with cars, roads and even homes left submerged.

Faversham and Tonbridge appear to be two areas hit worst.

Residents said heavy rain left drainage systems overwhelmed in Faversham.

And forecasters have warned there is more rain on the way, with showers forecast almost every day this week.

These pictures show some of the impact flash floods have had across Kent.

  1. Floods in Faversham

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  2. Entire roads were cut off by flash flooding in Faversham.

    Forbes Road in particular was turned into a lake under the bridge, which left a car submerged.

    One gentleman can be seen pushing his broken down car through the deep water.

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  3. The huge puddle stretched right under the bridge, effectively cutting off Forbes Road.

    Colin Edwards, from Faversham, said: "It rained really hard for about 10-15 minutes and I think the drainage system was just overwhelmed with the volume of rain that fell in such a short space of time."

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  4. The cut off roads led people to urge the council to do more to stop drains from becoming overwhelmed.

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  5. The blocked

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  6. It was a similar story in Tonbridge where an under-bridge bypass was submerged and cut off.

    Vale Road and Strawberry Vale became a lake but residents said drivers were still ploughing through the water.

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