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‘Potential earthquake’ rumbles felt in Dover – live

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Original article from Kent Live

A number of rumbles have been felt across south Kent, which have been reported as "potential earthquakes".

People in Thanet, Dover and Folkestone have reported at least three rumbles.

Confused residents turned to social media to find out what's behind the odd occurrence but nothing has been confirmed.

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It has been suggested the rumbles are simply linked to the upcoming thunderstorms.

A Dover resident said: "It has been shaking the house.

"I thought it was thunder at first, but then I was in my front garden and could feel the whole ground rumbling."

Volcanologists at volcanodiscovery.com say they have unconfirmed reports of an earthquake "25km south of Thanet".

They said: "The status of this quake is unconfirmed, but user reports coming in and site usage patterns typical for earthquakes both suggest that an earthquake has just occurred in this area.

"We expect confirmation from official sources any time soon."

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Vicky Castle

Unconfirmed earthquake

A spokesman for Volcano Discovery said: "Our monitoring service AllQuakes received reports of an earthquake in or near Thanet at around 12:59pm.

"Unless confirmed by at least one national or international seismological agency, its status remains unconfirmed."

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