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A2 and M2 delayed by overturned lorry – live updates

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An overturned lorry on the A2 is causing travel disruption in Kent this morning (June 14).

The crash was first reported at around 11pm yesterday (June 13) by Highways England, and emergency workers have been working to remove the debris from the road.

The lorry, which overturned near Cobham and Marling Cross, is still at the scene of the crash.

Multiple lanes on the A2 have been closed for a number of hours and there are long queues as a result.

The M2 is also delayed by more than half an hour as a result of the crash.

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Recovery expected to take a long time

Highways England have said that recovery is underway at the site of the lorry crash.

However, the recovery is expected to be "protracted due to the nature of the damage and the load", meaning the delays could be in place for some time.

Jacob Heath

Long delays of more than 30 minutes

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Delays reported on the A2, M2, and A226

Lanes one and two are closed on the A2, and this is having a knock-on effect on the M2 and A226 also.

There are delays on the M2 between Junction 1 at Strood and Junction 2 at Cobham, wth travel time reported to be around 35 minutes.

The A226 through Higham is also experiencing delays as traffic attempts to avoid the A2.

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The lorry has caused delays since 11pm last night

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