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The 8 new shops that have come to Bluewater since lockdown

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The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for businesses across the county.

From the first lockdown in March 2020, shops have had to navigate wave after wave of closures and new safety guidelines.

While a number of shops have been allowed to remain open throughout the pandemic, the majority of stores opened their doors once again on April 17.

It is not just old favourites that customers have been flocking back to, however.

At Bluewater, a number of new shops have come to the centre over the last year.

Take a look at the list of the latest outlets to come to the Greenhithe shopping since the first lockdown below.


An artists impression of what Bluewater's Wingstop looks like

A fried chicken chain named Wingstop opened up in the Winter Garden section of Bluewater in July 2020.

The American restaurant introduces diners to a whole new experience, of eating the finest wings whilst playing on the Xbox. .

Holding a selection of more than 100 games including Forza Horizon 4, Minecraft and Rocket League, this store is the third of its kind in the UK.


Dermalogica is a new skin care store where customers are guided by experts, to find the best products and treatments for their skin.

Located in the Guildhall section of the centre, Dermalogica opened in November 2020.

The shop is said to deliver healthy skin through "innovation, education and professional recommendation".

Social distancing reminders are situated around the shopping centre

Zara Concept Store

Located on the upper Guildhall area in Bluewater, the new clothing store displays ranges for men, women and children.

Zara is set over two floors and has seen the upper floor full of Zara Home items, since its opening in December 2020.

Shoppers can also experience a personal shopper area at the Zara Concept Store.


The British bakery chain came to Bluewater in December 2020, to the delight of many.

It has a popular selection of sweet and savoury items including pasties, sausage rolls and cakes.

Shoppers can find the Greggs bakery store in the Guildhall section of the shopping centre.

Bluewater hosts an array of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars


The new Bluewater shop offers the "best quality" cookware, kitchenware and tableware products.

Procook offer in-store product demonstrations and specialist advice at their shop that is sat on the lower level of the shopping centre, right next to John Lewis.

The store was welcomed to Bluewater last month (April 2021).

Sleep 8

Last month (April 2021) Sleep 8 joined Bluewater's collection of 300 shops.

The new store is said to provide "bespoke solutions to all sleep-related challenges" with the use of temperature controlled pillows, bespoke beds and sleep aids.


In the upper Thames Walk section of Bluewater is the new men's clothing store Moyenne.

From April this year the new shop has been available to shoppers, it is said to sell "sustainable luxury streetwear apparel".


The large store is packed to the rafters with toys

The "finest Toy Shop in the world" made its way to Bluewater last month (April).

On the upper Thames Walk, shoppers will find all sorts of toys to enjoy, including teddy bears, crazy flying drones and super speed racing cars.

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