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Kent’s ‘biggest ever dog’ still can’t find a new home

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The biggest ever dog to be taken in by Canterbury Dogs Trust is still up for adoption after a meeting with prospective owners this weekend didn't go quite to plan.

Galahad, a four-year old Mastiff, is a truly massive dog – and has spent a lot of time at the Canterbury kennels awaiting a new owner to give him a stable home.

At more than 100 kg, Galahad has had several homes already, but has ended up back up for adoption –

Though he borrows his name from the legend of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Galahad is more of a gentle giant who seems completely unaware of just how big he is.

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Dogs Trust Canterbury Rehoming Centre Manager, Harriet Blaskett said: “He’s got no idea of his size at all and just loves human company so he needs an owner able to cope with the demands of such a big dog.

Galahad with rehab trainer Emily Maxwell at Canterbury Dogs Trust

“Galahad has had a lot of upheaval in his life so far, so can be a little unsure when he first goes somewhere, but once he’s comfortable he enjoys exploring his environment, sniffing, and knocking things over, as he goes.

Mastiffs are, in fact, the largest living canid – meaning the cluster of animals including dogs, foxes and wolves – weighing in at around 20kg heavier than your average wolf.

But even for a mastiff, Galahad is on the bigger end, right at the top of the average weight range, and dogs of his size need a good bit of space to move around in.

Galahad needs a lot of space, though he probably won't be tiptoeing around any floral displays

He was set to be rehomed this weekend, but meeting his new family wasn't quite the right fit, as he struggled with his prospective owner's other dog.

However, all is not lost – Galahad is due to meet another potential adopter soon, and still has a few back-up options for him to meet and settle in with.

Canterbury centre manager, Harriet Blaskett gave a colourful and glowing description of the gentle giant:

He said: "He loves nothing more than lounging on a sofa of his own – he sleeps on a two-seater! – and plodding around the garden.

"He has little respect for flower beds or hedges and chooses to walk through them, loves chewing toys, and spraying them with saliva with a flick of his head.

Galahad with Rebecca Henson, Home-from-Home coordinator at Canterbury Dogs Trust.

"Galahad is looking for a home with plenty of space that has direct access to a garden.

"Although Galahad likes other dogs he can find some a little overbearing so any dogs in the home should not be too boisterous. He cannot live with cats or small furry pets and has been known to chase horses.

"Galahad can live with children aged 12 and over."

We're sure that Galahad and his big heart will find a new forever home soon enough, even if it takes a little longer than expected.

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