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I visited Kent’s brand new Sainsbury’s and it was a glimpse into the future

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Staplehurst has just welcomed its first Sainsbury's to the area but this store is unlike the rest in Kent.

Much fuss has been made about this shiny new supermarket, which is said to be a "new generation" store.

The multi-million pound investment includes a fresh food market, self-serve patisserie and a hot food and pizza counter.

However, it also has a number of important sustainable initiatives.

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Bee Hotels, electric vehicle charging points, and water-saving taps

Staplehurst has been chosen as the birth place for the first new Sainsbury's of 2021 and one of the retailer's most sustainable stores.

To help achieve their Net Zero ambition by 2040, Sainsbury's has decided to adopt sustainable initiatives such as;

  • 100% LED light fittings
  • Customer electric vehicle charging points
  • Water saving taps
  • Reduced flush toilets and waterless urinals
  • Natural refrigeration solution
A Bee Hotel to help the bee population at the new Sainsbury's store in Staplehurst

The asset that sticks out the most to me are the two Bee Hotels.

These cute little homes were created to help the bee population in the local area.

The landscaping in the car park and around the store is also bee-attracting to encourage pollination.

My visit to the store

Upon finding a space in the new Sainsbury's car park, I noticed several staff members dotted around outside, I suppose to jump to the aid of a customer in need.

As I entered the store itself, it looked how I would have expected, shiny, new, and very clean.

I thought I would take a trip around the store to see what they had to offer their visiting customers.

The fruit and veg section that faces the entrance of the Sainsbury's store in Staplehurst

The first two things you see when you enter, is the Argos store on the left, where customers can use tablets to order technology, home and toy products whilst doing their weekly food shop.

And the second thing you will see as you enter the shop, is the impressive fruit and veg section.

This is right up my street I love my greens and my strawberries so I was very happy to see this impressively organised section.

But if you're one to push the peas to the side of the plate, than I will introduce you to the two best sections of this supermarket.

The hot food and pizza counter at the new Sainsbury's store

As you head to the back of the store, you will instantly smell the aroma of hot food.

I could see big bags of piping hot chicken, classic sausage rolls, and some tasty looking chicken nuggets.

I saw that customers could create their own pizza by selecting the size, the base, and their toppings.

It reminded me of the Asda store in Bournemouth, they also had a pizza section at the end of their store, and I couldn't be happier that I'm seeing this on my door step.

The self-serve Patisserie with cakes galore at the new Sainsbury's store

There is nothing I appreciate more than a good cake, and to my luck Sainsbury's have created a range of goodies to choose from.

I saw a massive chocolate cake that I would now like for my birthday, cookies, muffins and more.

The items were wrapped up in cute boxes and were too much of a temptation for people to resist.

The opening of the new Sainsbury's store in Staplehurst, that provided 100 news jobs for the Kent village

After having a look around and debating how I felt about this new state-of-the-art building, I have come to a decision: I love it.

Not only has it provided a couple of really yummy and creative sections of the store, I love the environmental aspect.

A store that cares for the environment and is helping the community by creating Bee Hotels, gets a gold star in my book.

I mean, if you've ever seen the Bee Movie, you will know how important it is to keep our yellow and black fuzzy friends alive and well.

The store have also helped to cut greenhouse gas emissions with their natural refrigeration solution.

It really looks like a glimpse into the future for supermarkets.

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