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Forecasters pinpoint exact day in March 20C heatwave will hit Kent

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Original article from Kent Live

Kent is set for a heatwave this spring with temperatures rising as high as 20C as soon as next week.

Forecasters have predicted that the warm weather could hit the county in the coming days, as the latest charts show the UK turn red as temperatures climb.

Temperatures are set to rise substantially from as soon as Monday (March 29) and will peak to 20C on the Tuesday (March 30).

The warmer weather is predicted to continue into the Easter weekend, as the Express reports.

The maps show the UK turn from green to yellow and amber – indicating warmer temperatures, from 12pm on March 29.

By 3pm, the chart shows that parts of the county can expect highs of 17C, while the rest of the country will see the mercury soar to the mid-teens.

Temperatures are set to climb even higher on March 30, with 20C forecast in parts of Kent from 3pm.

Jim Dale, from British Weather Services, told Express.co.uk: "In the early part of next week, it quickly warms again, culminating in what we see for Tuesday.

"All going to plan the 30th March may well rise up to be the warmest day of the year so far [plenty of those to follow as the year unfolds] with the London area possibly experiencing 21 deg. C. 70F on that day."

Netweather's temperature charts support the warm weather forecast, with mild temperatures set to stay throughout the week.

The charts show 18C is forecast on Wednesday, with Thursday and Friday set to be slightly cooler, with highs of 14C forecast.

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