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Cricket ground wrecked by lockdown visitors to reopen

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A new-look fully refurbished Vine Cricket Ground in Sevenoaks will reopen at the end of this month – Covid regulations permitting.The outfield had deteriorated badly last year – partly as a result of increased visits by the public taking exercise during lockdown.The newly renovated cricket pitch at The Vine in SevenoaksThe field, which covers 1.4 hectares, is one of the oldest in the country.The public’s use of disposable BBQs, riding of bikes, use of football studs and dropping of beer bottle tops which became embedded in the grass had collectively resulted in the outfield being classified as no longer suitable for premier league cricket matches.The work involved rotavating to a depth of 150mm, reseeding, applying fertilizer, regular watering and a secondary level of seeding.

The area was fenced off during the work but will be reopened to the public on March 31.The total cost was £25,000 with the cricket club paying the balance.The Sevenoaks Town Council Mayor, Cllr Nicholas BusvineCllr Nicholas Busvine, the mayor of Sevenoaks said: “During the pandemic, the Vine became ever more important to Sevenoaks residents as the green heart of the town.”The heavy public use took its toll, but that was a sign of how much we treasure it.”And now, I am so glad to say it has been restored to its former glory.”Read more: All the latest news from SevenoaksKent CricketSevenoaksSevenoaks Sport Alan Smith