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The World Custard Pie Championships to return in 2021

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The World Custard Pie Championships are an annual event that sees teams in fancy dress throwing pies at each other.

Taking place in Coxheath in Maidstone, the event first began 54 years ago to raise funds to provide community facilities for the village, a few years after it was first created in 1964.

In recent years the event has attracted international competitors from Europe and even some from as far as Japan.

This year the event at the Coxheath Village Hall will see more than 2,000 pies being thrown by spectators, who will compete in fancy dress costumes.

As the gates open at 12pm on September 4, the championships will begin with the wet sponge competition.

This will see children throw sponges at human targets under the same rules and point scoring as the World Custard Pie Competition, this is the training ground for future Custard Pie Throwing Champions.

Spectators of the World Custard Pie Championships in fancy dress

At 2.30pm there will be a parade of the spectators, to show off their fantastic fancy dress costumes before the main event.

The main event will see teams of four battle it out to be crowned the World Custard Pie Champions, where they will score points every time they hit their opponent.

Teams battling it out at last years World Custard Pie Championships

If you manage to hit your opponent in the face you will receive six points, for shoulder height and upwards you will receive three points, and one point for any other body part.

However if a player misses their target three times then they will be deducted points.

World Custard Pie Championships trophy

The recipe for the pies is a closely guarded secret, but they are said to contain flour and water.

Entry is free for all spectators, registration for teams and stall holders will be available soon.

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